Portugal Freelance Visa

Portugal is the member of the EU (European Union) so all things legal are a lot easier if you are a citizen of EU. If you want to be self-employed in a profession or trade in Portugal, you must meet certain legal requirements and register with the appropriate organization, as applicable.

Some important key points are

* Applicant must be in Portugal at the time of the application.
* He can include family members and dependents in the application.
* Have to pay minimum government fees.
*The processing time is 6-9 months until the applicant receives his Portugal Residency Card.
* Open to all i.e. no minimum experience or minimum educational standard is required.

This is a great pathway to Permanent Residency and a European Passport for you and your family!

The Freelance Residence visa allows you to migrate to Portugal, live and work. If you thinking to migrate, then get this residency permit Migration and visas can assist you and on many other Portugal visas. Most of our clients’ at Migration and Visas have been able to obtain their Portugal visas and Residency Permits through us.

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