Portugal Investor Visa | Golden Visa

The Portugal Golden Visa Investment Program is one of the most popular programs to immigrate to Europe due to its flexibility and various benefits.

Benefits and requirements for Golden Visa

As an investor, applying for Portugal Golden Visa is the best choice that will offer the number of benefits with very few requirements.


– The simple process of application and quick processing time to receive residence permits
– Various and low choices for investment, only 350,000EUR++
– No strict requirement on Source of Funds
– Refund 100% of investment after 5 years or flexible schedule of refund based on the desire of Investors
–  After the 5th year, the Investor can apply easily for permanent residency
– And after the 6th year, the Investor can apply easily to Portugal/EU citizenship
– Right to live, do business, a study in Portugal and/or EU under certain conditions
– Travel freely within the Schengen countries

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