Portugal Immigration

The country of Portugal has an advanced economy which is based upon its agricultural, fishing, mining, and IT sectors, high living standards, and a peaceful culture. It has beautiful terrain, famous architecture, art, and music, interesting lifestyle, in fact, Portugal is a wonderful destination for millions of tourists. For immigrants, it’s a good country to visit and start a new business there. An immigrant can start his business and also work there as a Freelancer.

Apply For A Permanent Residence Card For Portugal As A Skilled Worker

The first thing know is that If you work and live for 5 years in Portugal you would be eligible for Permanent Residency and a European Portuguese Passport!

Skilled workers have two paths to migrating to Portugal:

  1. Graduate Freelancers
  2. Entrepreneurs with at least 10,000 Euro start up capital (Approx 50,000 AED/saudi rials)

Some key points about the program:

  • All skilled occupation are eligible to apply
  • No need of Job offer
  • 2 year Resident Permit card
  • Degree holders and professionals
  • Guaranteed Portugal Residence Card
  • 9 months processing time
  • A Portugal residence card will allow you to live, work and migrate throughout the European Union
  • No IELTS or other Language Requirement
  • Minimum residency requirement in Portugal

Portugal Residence Permit

Portugal offers one of the most attractive permanent residency options for professionals in the GCC. You could either apply as a freelancer which is an open two year residence permit allowing you to live and work anywhere in Portugal. To qualify for this program you need to live and work in Portugal. 

The other option should you wish to maintain minimum residency in Portugal, is to apply as an Entrepreneur- you could then set up a company and apply as an entrepreneur with minimum capital requirement. The application process is between 6-9 months for most applicants. 

Portugal has the 4th Best Passport in the World 2020Tied with the US, British Passports and higher than the Canadian and Australia Passport which features in 5th and 6th place.

Portugal residency will allow you to Work & Live Anywhere in the EU- Once you obtain a Portugal Residency Permit, you will be allowed to work and live anywhere in the EU, including Germany, France, Denmark, and many others, this means you have a variety of options in over 27 countries, 1000 + cities and a market in excess of 350 million.

Get Started

We will first register your case and apply for a NIF number with finances in Portugal. We will process your entry into Portugal and once you are in Portugal we will submit your immigration application together with your supporting documents to SEF (Immigration processing office in Portugal). Normally this process takes about 6. Remember we will only submit your case once our Lawyers are 100% confident that you qualify. We are 100% registered as Lawyers in Portugal and maintain an office there. 

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