As the 7th largest and one of the wealthiest countries in Europe, Germany boasts of a thriving economy and an abundance of jobs. The country has the fifth largest economy in the world, thereby making it all the more appealing for people interested in immigration. With a booming job market, skilled workers are duly welcomed in the country and it has also been ranked as the fifth most favourable country to migrate to because of its employment opportunities, thriving economy and excellent education system. This particularly holds true for those associated with manufacturing, engineering and the IT sector.

Made up of 16 federal states, each state within Germany tends to have its own set of rules, regulations and a separate constitution. The climate of the country is moderate and there are no sustained periods of cold or hot weather. Overall, the living conditions within Germany are rather appealing with a culture that pays due attention to cleanliness, efficiency and high living standards.

There is a lack of skilled workers in many different professions and sectors within Germany. This particularly holds true for qualified and skilled technical workers, including IT specialists, engineers and healthcare experts. Immigrating to Germany has the potential to open doors to excellent living conditions and better employment opportunities for the immigrant.

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