Danish Green Card Scheme Visa

All You Need to Know About Danish Green Card

The Danish Greencard, under the Denmark Greencard Scheme, allows foreign nationals to obtain Denmark permanent resident visa from Dubai to look for or work in Denmark. This permit is only granted to an applicant who must have submitted a Denmark visa application from Dubai, after such have scored the required points based on the point score evaluation system.

There is no separate work permit needed for all successful applicants under the Denmark Greencard scheme. The visa covers work as well as living in Denmark alike. The only restriction that applies is that such visa does not grant the permission to the holder to start and run their own business in Denmark. If you intend to do so, you will need to submit an application for a separate visa. You are welcome to talk to our best Denmark immigration consultants in Dubai regarding this. We are experts in all Denmark visa application procedures and will guide you on how to apply for Denmark PR and other visas.

What are the Selection Criteria under the Green Card Scheme?

As stated above, when you apply for Denmark visa for permanent residence, your profile will be run through a point based system. These points will be accrued from Education, Language Skills, Work Experience, Age and Adaptability. Each applicant is expected to score at least 100 points before their application can be considered.

Please check the table below for how the points are distributed for each criterion.

What are the Benefits of the Green Card Scheme?

  • All beneficiaries of the Denmark Green Card scheme helps you to move across all the countries in and around Schengen area without a visa
  • Holders of the visa can apply for permanent residence in Denmark if all conditions are fulfilled.
  • Your dependents including your spouse and your children that are not more than 18 years of age can live, work or study full time in Denmark once you have obtained a physical address, started work and have settled down in Denmark.

What is the Duration of Danish Green Card?

For first-time applicants, residence permit is granted for up to 2 years under the green card scheme. However, after these years, an extension can be applied for which will be granted for up to 3 years. Another 3 years can be granted should the 3 years expire. Extension of the residence permit however depends on the conduct and how much salary was earned in the past year while working in Denmark. This is one of the Denmark visa requirements for residence permit extension.

What are the Job Opportunities in Denmark?

For those who want to migrate to Denmark from Dubai for the purposes of work, it may interest you that there are many job opportunities for those who have relevant skill. Basically, employment in Denmark depends on two factors and they are:

  • Your skill or work experience must tally with a job listed in the Shortage List i.e. your skill must be in high demand.
  • Your profile must match that of someone who is ready to take up high profile jobs in Denmark. Those who have good Danish language skills stand better chances of getting jobs faster.

The Denmark Green card scheme provides residence permit to applicants to find a job but it is absolutely the responsibility of the applicant to find a job in Denmark and get employed once the residence permit is issued.

What are the Keys to Success for obtaining a Danish Green Card Visa?

  • Make sure you score a minimum of 100 points in the points system
  • Make sure you are a master’s degree holder
  • If you have IELTS 6.5 Band or have studied Danish as a second language for at least one year, you have better chances.
  • Make sure your occupation is listed in the Denmark Immigration positive list.
  • Consult with the best Denmark immigration consultants in Dubai to guide you on how to get your visa to Denmark from Dubai

How to apply for the Green Card Visa?

You will need to go through the process to apply for and obtain the Danish Green card visa. As soon as you are through with understanding the procedures and guidelines that is required to apply, you can apply online by generating a Case Order ID. It is however advised that you consult with Denmark immigration consultants who are experts in all Danish visas to get you prepared and help you assess your application before submitting. You can simply start the whole process by filling up an assessment form. This assessment will check your eligibility for the Danish Green Card. One of our consultants will give you a call afterwards to discuss the application process with you.


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