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Customer Reviews and Testimonials


Migration and Visas, worked with me to gain my PR, the process is lengthy and the application gets moved from one person to another. But their care to the service and process the application goes through is always in presence.

Divya P

Sometimes early in the year, I went to Canada for immigration purposes. I got so much support from Migration and Visas. As a matter of fact, they facilitated everything that had to do with my visafrom initial assessment to gathering all important documents to the end of the application process and submission. Their visa processing service is second to none. Thumbs up!

Rohan Gurang

One of the very best consultants if I may have to say in U.A.E Good thing about this consultancy which i liked is that they give you a honest feedback and are available round the clock for any queries . Extremely happy to recommend everyone.

Rahmat Ahmed

Migration and Visas Consultants are the most competent and credible team of immigration lawyers I have come across.Their method of case handling speaks of their professionalism and expertise. Thank you Migration and Visas Consultants for providing me with accurate advice for UK Visit Visa to avoid a refusal this time.

Mohammed Ali

Migration and Visas helped me obtain my 489 visa for Australia after I went to a different company and they told me that I would not qualify for this visa I was very unhappy so I called Migration and Visas thinking that they would tell me the same thing but they told me differently which I was so happy about cannot thank them enough.

Rafeeq Ahmed

Migration and Visas have really helped me turn my life around. I actually never thought I’d get a job so easily when I first decided to move to another country. However, I contact Migration and Visas and in no time, I was gainfully and happily employed.

Akhtar Ali

One of the most reliable and professional consultancy known to me, emphatic and anticipate your requirements and accordingly guide you.

Kristine Cruz

Migration and Visas is the best I came across while doing market research and migrating to Canada. All informations conveyed were correct and genuine . Everyone was helpful at the desk

Arun Kumar

Thanks to the Migration and Visas, I have had the most wonderful experience during my admission process, unlike other students who goes through sleepless nights.

Abhishek Patel

Very helpful and well-versed with immigration process. Makes migration look so easy!!!!! Keep up the good work!

Ahmed Rawat

Hello Everyone,
My name is Hasim Ahmed. I am from Delhi. I also got my Canada student visa through Migration and Visas, Dubai. Now, I can seee that my future dreams are changing into reality. They helped us in every possible way and guided me in selecting the subjects which are suitable for my career perspective. They explained me the whole SPP college admission process in very well manner. They are very transparent in their dealings. I recommend their services to all students for securing your Canada visa.
Thank you!!! 

Hasim Ahmed

Migration and Visas is exceptionally well. Immigration is not a daunting task with them. I am well settled in the Canada and running my business well heree. They helped me out with Canada Tier 1 visa. Migration and Visas provides very fast and reasonable immigration service.

Abdul Rehman

Information about Australia is really helpful which many people do not know. Very supporting team. Helpful and knowledgeable. Support Available whenever required.

Ahmed Nawaz

Disclaimer: Migration and Visas is registered and Licensed to offer up-to-date immigration advice. We are not affiliated with any Government and you can make an application directly to the govt websites who will only charge you the visa fees. We only charge for additional consultation and services for submitting your application agreed in advance with you in writing with no hidden Charges.