Working Holiday in Australia

Working Holiday Visa

The Australian Working Holiday Visa gives you the opportunity to visit Australia and work there for a year. If you are aged between 18 and 31 then you are entitled to apply for an Australian Working Holiday visa! This visa is really popular among young travelers as it offers a chance to visit and explore Australia also allowing you to work and study there.

Basic requirements for Working Holiday Visa

  • The age of the applicant must be between 18 and 30 years old.
  • Applicant must have a valid passport.
  • He must have sufficient funds to support yourself when you arrive in Australia.

If you are planning for a working holiday in Australia, keep in mind that there are two types of visa available. So, if your home country isn’t eligible for the Working Holiday Visa (subclass 417) instead of this you can qualify for the Work and Holiday Visa (subclass 462).

Applicants applying for Working Holiday visa are entitled to do any kind of work, for instance, you could seek part-time or full-time employment. And one of the disadvantages is that you can’t be employed by the same employer for more than 6 months.

Therefore, the fact you can only work for a company for only 6 months that makes it difficult for some employers to consider hiring you. Many people go for a Student Visa, as you are allowed to work 40 hours every 2 weeks and your visa can last several years.

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