Migration and Visas are the global specialists in Immigration and by far the most popular worldwide visa service.

* Offices in 5 different countries and counting

  • Founded in 2001, we have years of experience within the field

* Accredited by the ICCRC, OISC, Office of MARA, Migration Institute of Australia, UK Foreign Office and more.

* We help over 600 people with their visas every week!

Whatever the country, whatever the visa – Migration and Visas can help you achieve your dream. Get your Get Visa assessment when you make an inquiry through our website.

When considering if you should use Migration and Visas to secure your visa or work permit you should know that we are successful with 98% of our applications.

We have some of the most experienced immigration consultants working for us who, like our clients, are from countries around the world. You can be sure that we know what it’s like to get up and move countries with family or all alone.

With 5 branches situated around the globe, we’re in a unique position in that we have offices in most of the countries people wish to emigrate to. This adds to our service in that your application will be handled both in the country of origin and your destination country.

Whether you wish to be assessed for the HSMP points-based-system and acquire a Tier 1 UK Visa that will enable you to work in the UK, or plan to immigrate to Canada and take advantage of the booming economy, Migration and Visas will secure your visa in the fastest way possible. Our specialist teams have years of experience handling visa applications, which ensures forms for Australia Immigration through to Portugal Visas meet the exacting standards of the notoriously strict immigration protocols.


Disclaimer: Migration and Visas is registered and Licensed to offer up-to-date immigration advice. We are not affiliated with any Government and you can make an application directly to the govt websites who will only charge you the visa fees. We only charge for additional consultation and services for submitting your application agreed in advance with you in writing with no hidden Charges.